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 “Smarter is Always Better than Harder “

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Proven Expertise & Dependable Performance

At ESI, Your Time and Safety Are Our Priority

Your time is invaluable, and we understand that any downtime translates into lost revenue and potential harm to your reputation. Since 2009, ESI has been committed to serving the Houston, the Gulf Coast, and The Americas with a singular goal: to deliver the finest and safest tooling technologies to the oil and gas industry workforce. Our selection process is thorough and meticulous, yet our criteria are straightforward:

  • Enhanced Safety: Does the tool elevate the safety standards of the task?
  • Increased Efficiency: Does the tool streamline the task, saving valuable time?
  • Unwavering Reliability: Can the tool be depended upon time and time again?

We pledge our brand’s reputation only to tools that meet these stringent standards with a resounding “YES.”

To guarantee this level of reliability, our Tool Rentals undergo rigorous maintenance and servicing. Each tool is meticulously tested and inspected before and after deployment, irrespective of usage. We meticulously track and document the lifecycle of every tool, with all data securely stored in our state-of-the-art Rental Fleet software. As a valued ESI customer, you gain access to an extensive selection of Hydraulic Step Wedge Flange Spreaders, complemented by our rewarding Tool Rental Program and cost-effective Purchase Options designed to save you money.

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Elevating Standards: Enhanced Quality & Innovation, Minimized Risk & Uncertainty

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Four Decades of Trusted Tooling Expertise

With forty years of hands-on experience in diverse applications, ESI is your go-to source for tooling recommendations that prioritize safety and minimize downtime. Our commitment extends beyond products to include value-added services like our Tool Rental Rewards Program and flexible Purchase Options.

Premier Tool Rentals for Industry Excellence

Our rental inventory showcases the pinnacle of tooling technology, offering a spectrum of hydraulic, pneumatic, and mechanical solutions tailored to your needs:

  • Versatile Torque Wrenches: Featuring interchangeable and open head technology for adaptability.
  • Step Wedge Flange Spreaders: Both hydraulic and mechanical variants designed for precision.
  • Integrated Pump Technology: Hydraulic Step Wedge Flange Spreaders for seamless operation.
  • Innovative Flange Alignment Tools: Equipped with Hook and Wing Technology for perfect alignment.
  • Efficient Nut Splitters: Compact designs for effortless nut splitting.
  • Bolt Hole Spreaders: Utilizing collet technology for secure and even spreading.
  • Small Flange Mechanical Spreaders: Impact-free solutions for delicate operations.
  • Advanced Hand Pumps: Sealed bladder technology ensures leak-free pumping in any position.

Trust in ESI’s legacy of excellence to equip you with the best tools for the job, ensuring your projects run smoothly and safely every time.



Streamlined Shipping for Online Rentals

ESI Rental Policy: Maximizing Your Value

At ESI, we value your time and business. That’s why we’ve structured our rental policy to ensure you get the most out of every rental, without the worry of transportation time affecting your usage period. Your rental period commences from the moment you receive the tool and concludes on the day the courier collects it, confirmed by ESI’s receipt of the tracking number.

Assured Peace of Mind

Rest assured, all ESI-scheduled shipments are fully insured, providing you with security and peace of mind throughout the rental experience. 

Choose ESI for a hassle-free rental service that puts your needs first.


“Smarter is Always Better than Harder”

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Enhanced Rental Rewards
& Savings

Rewards by ESI

Enhancing Your Experience

  • Complimentary Shipping: Enjoy free shipping on all rentals spanning a week.
  • Rental Credits: Benefit from rental credits if you’re a long-term or frequent renter.
  • Customer-Friendly Returns: While customers cover the return shipping, we simplify the process by providing a return label and including the cost in your Tool Rentals invoice.

ESI’s Fundamental Principles

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Our commitment extends beyond products to ensuring exceptional service for every customer. At ESI, we’re not just about selling tools; we’re about providing a seamless business experience, allowing you to focus on what you do best—running your business.


Integrity isn’t just about actions in plain sight; it’s about doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. As an American company with a global network of clients and suppliers, ESI’s growth is a direct reflection of our unwavering principles. We prioritize doing the right thing, not for sales, but because it’s the right thing to do.

Community Engagement

ESI places a high value on community contribution. We’re not just active supporters of local teams; we also serve on the boards of non-profit organizations and dedicate our time to local events. This involvement underscores our commitment to fostering community development and solidarity.