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Precision Engineered Step Wedge Flange Spreaders

We offer  a full line of innovative tools designed by RenQuip, for making flange maintenance safer and easier. Among the most popular are their line of Step wedge flange spreaders.  They offer both hydraulic and mechanical options.

RenQuip’s unique Step Wedge design allows the operator to perform the task in a controlled and predictable manner.  Each Spreader, like others has a handle, but unique to their flange spreader, they include high quality soft grip technology to avoid hand fatigue in difficult locations.

Hydraulic options include a hydraulic hand pump with “Sealed Bladder” technology.   What this means is that you can hold or secure the pump to any object or apparatus without worrying about leakage or air locks. Twin Kits include dual port hydraulic, which reduces the need for additional operators and guarantees an even spread on each side of the flange.

Step Wedge Flange Spreader and Pump Kit
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