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Innovative Technology for Flange Alignment

Traditional flange alignment versus 9 ton flange alignment tool.

Ensuring Safety with Precision & Efficiency

While Alignment Pins, Crow Bars, and Pulleys may appear to be cost-effective solutions initially, they often lack precision and efficiency. The perceived savings upfront can be misleading, as these methods may lead to increased costs down the line due to time delays, potential injuries, or damages. 

ESI’s Cutting-Edge Flange Alignment Technology

ESI’s bolt hole flange alignment tool grants a single user the ability to realign flanges meticulously and with ease, thereby minimizing risks, reducing downtime, and preventing accidents. This precision directly contributes to your operational efficiency and bottom line. To cater to diverse project requirements, ESI offers an array of alignment tools. Our mechanical options exert forces ranging from 3 to 4 tons, while our hydraulic variants deliver up to 9 tons of aligning power.

Our suite of Flange Tools is at the forefront of the industry, offering both mechanical and hydraulic flange alignment tools equipped with Soft Grip handles and encased in high-density foam for optimal handling and protection. The hydraulic variants are available as standalone tools or paired with a sealed bladder hand pump for enhanced functionality.

Pioneering in recognizing and addressing the market’s needs, ESI was the first company to bring these innovative solutions to Houston, TX, setting a new standard in flange tool technology.

Hydraulic Flange Alignment Tool: Precision, Safe, Productive

Flange Alignment tool with worker on a flange.
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Hydraulic Flange Alignment Tool
9 Tons

The Hydraulic Flange Alignment Tool offers operators unmatched control and accuracy for fine adjustments. This versatile tool is adept at correcting both rotational and lateral flange misalignments with ease.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with bolt holes measuring 1.24″ and above
  • Includes a wing extension feature
  • Equipped with a hydraulic hand pump featuring a sealed bladder


  • Enhanced control
  • Corrects both lateral and vertical misalignments
  • Increases safety and efficiency, reducing risks and minimizing downtime



Control + Measure = Efficiency

Mechanical Flange Alignment Tools

Mechanical Flange Alignment Tool
3 Ton & 4 Ton

The Mechanical Alignment Tool is designed for meticulous alignment of flange pairs with precision and control. Its integrated calibrated torque wrench guarantees the application of the correct force required for your specific needs.


  • Hook Design: 3 Ton Compatible with 0.95″, & 4 Ton with 1″ bolt holes for easy insertion. 
  • Extendable Wing: Expands outward to facilitate alignment.
  • Safety Lanyard: Ensures secure handling during operations.


  • Reduced Downtime: Streamlines the alignment process for quicker task completion.
  • Enhanced Control: Provides operators with precise adjustment capabilities.
  • Improved Safety: Minimizes risks, promoting a safer workflow.

Safer, Faster, Cost Effective!

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