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Challenging Tasks Demand Ingenuity & Originality to Turn Yesterday’s Impossibilities into Today’s Achievements. 

Specialty tools are essential for maintaining the integrity, safety, and functionality of equipment during routine maintenance or unexpected repairs. Specialty tools added benefits include:

  • Precision: Specialty tools are designed to perform specific tasks with high accuracy, ensuring that maintenance work is done correctly and efficiently.
  • Safety: Using the right tool for the job reduces the risk of accidents and injuries, as well as potential damage to equipment.
  • Time Efficiency: Specialty tools can significantly reduce the time required to complete maintenance tasks, leading to less downtime and increased productivity.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Although there might be an initial investment, specialty tools can save money in the long run by preventing damage to expensive equipment and reducing the need for repairs.
  • Versatility: Many specialty tools are adaptable to various situations, making them invaluable for a wide range of maintenance activities.

ESI’s Exclusive Range of Specialty Tool Gallery

Specialty Tools for Complex Tasks

Torq/Lite's Jam Nut Tool (JN)

Torq/Lite’s patent Jam Nut or JN Hydraulic Torque wrench was design to loosen nuts which have obstructions through the middle.

Torq/Lite's Hammer Union Tool

Hammer Union Tool

Hammer Unions were one of the most dangerous connections to break out. Called the hammer union because the operator would take have to break out the joint with a sledge hammer. 

The JN Hydraulic Wrench: Innovation for Obstructed Nuts

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the JN Features & Advantages

Designed to tackle nuts with central obstructions, a common challenge with compressors, Torq/Lite’s patented Jam Nut or JN Hydraulic Torque Wrench streamlines the process. The operator can easily remove the pin to open the head, encircle the nut, and reinsert the pin to secure it, ensuring standard operations resume swiftly.


  • Open Head Design: Facilitates access to obstructed nuts
  • 360 x 360 Swivels: Provides full rotational flexibility
  • Precision & Safety: Delivers accurate torque application securely


  • Versatile Wrapping: Encircles jam nuts, piston rods, and more
  • Flexible Positioning: Swivels enhance tool placement options
  • Peace of Mind: Ensures reduced risk and efficient task completion

The Hammer Union Wrench: Engineered for Optimal Performance

Hammer Union Tool
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Historically, hammer unions represented a significant safety risk, earning their name from the perilous method of separating the joint using a sledgehammer, which often led to damage, injuries, and lost time. 

The HU Tool addresses the challenges of safely and efficiently breaking out hammer unions, which were traditionally separated using a sledgehammer—a process that posed risks of damage and injury. By providing controlled and measured force application, interchangeable heads, and a spring-loaded gate design, the HU Tool enhances safety, reduces the risk of damage, and increases operational efficiency. It’s a solution designed to make the handling of hammer unions more secure and less labor-intensive. 


  • Adaptable Heads: Accommodates all sizes of hammer unions
  • Spring-Loaded Gate Design: Facilitates easy opening
  • Regulated Force Application: Ensures precise and safe force usage



  • Economical: Offers cost-effectiveness and budget-friendly solutions
  • Versatile Use: Broadens application scope with straightforward installation and removal
  • Enhanced Safety: Eliminates the necessity for a hammer, ensuring a safer work environment