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Challenging Spaces & Demanding Tasks

 ESI delivers the ideal solution. Our thin line wrench is expertly designed for use in confined areas such as BOPs and refineries, ensuring precision even in the tightest spaces. For tasks that demand robustness and endurance, our Square Drive is the tool of choice, providing your team with the reliability they need to get the job done. Whether it’s a snug fit or a heavy-duty job, ESI has the tool that meets your needs.


Comprehensive Support for All Bolting Needs: We stand by our customers with unwavering support for their ongoing projects, guiding them through their toughest bolting obstacles. Our expertise and equipment solutions are tailored to manage any task, regardless of its scale or intricacy. We’re committed to providing the perfect bolting solution, or creating one if it doesn’t yet exist. Should you require a specific tool that’s not in our current selection, reach out to us. We’re here to devise a solution that fits your unique requirements perfectly.

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