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Advancements in Hydraulic Bolting: A New Era of Innovation

Torq/Lite's Hydraulic Torque Wrench IUXL

Pioneering Precision in Hydraulic Torque Wrenches

Since 1981, Torq/Lite has been at the forefront of hydraulic torque wrench innovation in the U.S.A. Their ISO-9001 certification is a testament to their unwavering dedication to quality, safety, and excellence.

In collaboration with ESI for a decade, Torq/Lite® has revolutionized the bolting industry with their patented inline torque wrench design, known as IUXL. This design ingeniously integrates the body with the cylinder unit, streamlining the interchangeable component to just the head. This innovation sets them apart from competitors who necessitate the removal of half the body for different nut sizes. The result? More compact cases, reduced material usage, and enhanced production efficiency. For the end-user, this translates into diminished operator fatigue, lower costs, and heightened efficiency. A true embodiment of Torq/Lite’s commitment to advancing the industry standard.

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ESI'S Inline Hydraulic Torque Wrenches: Precision in Compact

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Inline ratcheting wrenches are designed for optimal efficiency, necessitating minimal clearance to apply torque directly in alignment with the nut. The sleek, patented design of the inline ratcheting head has been streamlined to accommodate a wide array of applications. 

Our torque tools are specifically designed to facilitate swift adjustments, ensuring minimal downtime and enhanced productivity for your projects.

The IU-XL Series boasts an impressive torque capacity spectrum, ranging from 100 to 50,000 foot-pounds, all powered by a robust 10,000 p.s.i. hydraulic pump.


  • Industry-leading smallest point-to-radius design
  • Utilizes heads instead of links
  • 360° x 360° swivels that are fully interchangeable


  • Ideal for tight spaces
  • Streamlines operations with quick size transitions
  • Enhances accuracy through easy swivel repositioning

Torque Range:

  • A diverse selection of 7 models covering a torque range from 117 Ft Lbs. to 44,785 Ft Lbs.
  • Each model includes 6-11 standard heads

ESI's Square Drive Hydraulic Torque Wrench

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Comprehensive Overview: Key Features & Advantages

Square drive ratchets are a time-honored and reliable choice, offering a cost-effective solution for a broad spectrum of bolting tasks, both for assembly and disassembly.


1. Square Drive Size: Ranges from 3/4″   to 2-1/2″, ensuring compatibility with all standard impact sockets.

2. Reversible Reaction Arm: Offers 48 position points on each side, yielding a total of 96 points for versatile use.

3. Multi-Axis Porting & Full Swivel Capability: Features 360° x 360° swivels for comprehensive maneuverability.


1. Versatile Nut Sizes: Accommodates multiple nut sizes, reducing downtime.

2. Increased Efficiency: The abundance of reaction points enhances operational efficiency.

3. Optimal Positioning: Allows for better positioning, enabling a wider range of applications.

Efficient Dynamics: High-Speed Torque Multipliers

Enhanced Multiplier Attributes

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  • Non-Impacting & Silent Operation: Ensures a smooth and quiet performance.
  • Square-Drive Compatibility: Easily accessible for standard square-drive systems.
  • Speed and Precision: Delivers rapid results with pinpoint accuracy.

Refined Multiplier Advantages

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  • Reduces Operator Fatigue & Enhances Alertness: Designed to minimize physical strain and boost operational vigilance.
  • Adaptable for Various Nut Sizes: Streamlines tasks with quick-change sockets, leading to less downtime.
  • Boosts Productivity: Elevates output levels while upholding stringent safety and performance standards

Demand for Accuracy & Safety: High-Speed Multipliers

High Speed Series (TLSM)

3/4" Square-Drive High Speed Multiplier (TLSM)

Models: Torque Range

TLSM-370: 74 – 370 Ft/Lbs.

TLSM-590: 118 – 590 Ft/Lbs.

TLSM-738: 147 – 738 Ft/Lbs.

1" Square-Drive High Speed Multiplier (TLSM)

Models: Torque Range
TLSM-1000: 200 – 1,000 Ft/Lbs.

TLSM-1475: 295 – 1,475 Ft/Lbs.

TLSM-2000 : 400 – 2,000 Ft/Lbs.

TLSM-2950-1: 590 – 2,950 Ft/Lbs.

1-1/2" Square-Drive High Speed Multiplier (TLSM)

Models: Torque Range
TLSM-2950-112: 590 – 2,950 Ft/Lbs.

TLSM-3300: 660 – 3,300 Ft/Lbs.

TLSM-4500 : 885 – 4,425 Ft/Lbs.