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We’re delighted to offer our esteemed clients B2B payment terms. Establishing clear payment conditions is essential for businesses, outlining the agreed-upon terms for transactions between purchasers and vendors. Such well-structured payment terms are instrumental in fostering a company’s robustness and prosperity.

What this means for you

Optimized Cash Flow

Extending payment terms  allows businesses to allocate working capital towards additional expenditures or investments.

Robust Financial Health

Defined payment terms contribute to more effective cash flow management, bolstering financial stability.

Speedy Approvals

We understand the importance of your time, which is why immediately upon submission our credit department begins reviewing your application.

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Do you check my personal credit?

No. You are only require to input relative business information.

How long is the review process?

Based on your business credit history instant approval are possible.  However most applicants require a 24 hour review.  Some cases may require up to 72 hour review period.

How long do I need to be in business?

While we do not automatically reject any applicant without a review, businesses with a 24-month history will enjoy a substantial likelihood of approval.

Do you report to the credit bureau?

We do have the option to report to the credit bureau, which empowers our partners to establish and enhance their business credit. 

*Consistent slow payments or non-payment are always reported.

When can I take advantage of payment terms?

Most approved applicants will be expected to make their initial purchase in advance. However, we do make exceptions based on individual credit histories.