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Flange Master Tool

ESI's Flange Master Tool

Allow the Flange Master to tailor a solution for your specific application.

Simply provide the flange typepressure class, and flange size using the drop-down menus below, and the Flange Master will identify the perfect flange tooling that meets your requirements.



Bolting & Torque Calculator

Click Here for EZ Calc

EZ Calc is an online tool provided by Enerteq Solutions that allows you to estimate required torque values for bolting. It helps you determine the following parameters:

  • Torque: The twisting force applied to a bolt.
  • Bolt Load: The axial force exerted by the bolt.
  • Percent Yield: The percentage of the maximum load the bolt can handle.

Here are the details you can input into EZ Calc:

Flange Data

  • Flange Type
  • Flange Class
  • Flange Size
  • Fastener Type (Bolt or Stud)
  • Fastener Material
  • Number of Fasteners
  • Fastener Diameter
  • Threads Per Inch
  • Fastener Length
  • Nut Size (across flats)
  • Grip Length
  • Maximum Load

Important Disclosure: Keep in mind that EZ Calc uses the Mechanical Engineering “Short Formula” and other estimating techniques, which can be subjective. The results should be used as guidance, and Enerteq Solutions, Inc. assumes no responsibility for their use.