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The Importance of Correct Flange Alignment

Flange misalignments are a frequent challenge during shutdowns and turnarounds, often leading to operational delays. The traditional methods for addressing these misalignments—using pulleys, pins, or cranes—are not only perilous and laborious but also fraught with uncertainty. 

Proper alignment is an essential element of flange joint assembly. Benefits include:

  • Maximum seating surface contact
  • Maximizes the opportunity for uniform gasket loading
  • Improves the effectiveness of all bolt tightening methods


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ESI Unveils RenQuip’s Advanced Flange Alignment Tools


RenQuip revolutionizes this process with its “Bolt Hook and Wing” technology. This ingenious design allows the tool to be inserted into a designated bolt hole, extending the wing to the adjacent flange. It then utilizes gravitational forces to realign the pipes, transforming what was once a hazardous and arduous task into a safer and more straightforward operation.

RenQuip’s flange alignment tools, available in both mechanical and hydraulic models, are at the forefront of the industry. They feature ergonomic handles with Soft Grip technology and are housed in cases lined with high-density foam for added protection. The hydraulic models offer the choice of the tool alone or paired with a sealed bladder hand pump.


  1.  RenQuip’s tools, such as the AT9K, are designed for both medium and large flanges, capable of correcting linear and rotational misalignment.
  2. They can produce a maximum alignment force of 90kN (9T) with a hydraulic pressure of 10,000psi (700Bar), which is substantial for various industrial applications.
  3. The tools do not require external anchor points or rigging, making them convenient and safe to use.
  4. They are also designed to prevent gasket pinching during flange joint assembly, ensuring the integrity of the connection.


  1. While specific pricing details are not provided, RenQuip’s tools are often supplied with a pressure-rated and capacity-matched pump for safety, which may add value compared to other brands that might sell the pump separately.
  2. The robust molded case included for easy transportation and storage could also contribute to the overall cost-effectiveness.

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