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Hydraulic Compact Nut Splitters: Engineered for Portability & Strength

Rusted Nuts Tight Spaces

Nut Splitters: Enhancing Efficiency & Safety

Nut Splitters are essential for preserving the condition of your hydraulic precision wrenches, preventing wear and tear. They protect flanges from expensive damages, safeguard personnel against injuries, and shield your financials by reducing time spent on tasks.

Designed for convenience, most Nut Splitters require only one or two technicians to operate. The smaller models offer the added benefit of hand pump operation, simplifying the process further. 

These tools are crafted to offer the perfect balance of easy transportability and robust performance, ensuring they can be relied upon in various working conditions. Whether you’re in the field or in the workshop, these nut splitters are built to last and designed to move.

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Nut Splitters: Peak Performance in a Compact Design

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