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Split Frame Clamshell cutting a pipe

Split Frame Clamshells: Versatile Solutions for All Industries

Our range of Split Frame Clamshells has rapidly become essential in midstream, downstream, and construction sectors. Whether for rent or purchase, our equipment is designed to tackle any task—no matter the size or depth. Trust us to deliver the performance you need.

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Split Frame Clamshells: Their Purpose & How they Work

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Split Frame Clamshell Fundamentals

  • Clamping Mechanism: The split frame design allows the tool to part into two sections, facilitating its placement around the external circumference of in-line pipes, tubes, or flanges for secure clamping.
  • Versatility in Function: Capable of executing a variety of tasks, split frame clamshells adeptly handle cutting, beveling, single-pointing, counterboring, and facing flanges, accommodating a broad spectrum of pipe sizes.
  • Operational Design: Upon installation, the clamshell maintains a stable frame for support. A rotating ring affixed to this frame transports the machining modules and tooling necessary for operation.
  • Machining Dynamics: In action, the tooling modules on the rotating ring carry out the required operations, such as cutting and beveling, while the stationary frame remains firmly attached to the pipe.


Customized Tool Packages to Fit All Projects

Full Packages or Individual Selections Available

ID Beveler

ID Cutter / Beveler (ID Mount)

This description emphasizes the machine’s mobility, efficiency, and adaptability, highlighting its ability to simplify the pipe preparation process.

Optimized for Mobility and Ease of Use: This pipe beveling machine is expertly crafted for portable applications in pipe processing, offering efficient operation by a single user. It stands out as a robust pipe chamfering tool, featuring self-centering expanding mandrels that ensure rapid and precise positioning of pipes or tubes prior to machining.

Versatile and Efficient: The machine is designed to perform chamfering, deburring, and countersinking seamlessly in one swift operation, streamlining all necessary welding preparations.

Adaptable Power Options: Adaptability is key with this machine, as it can be operated using either a robust air motor or a high-torque electric motor, depending on the user’s preference and the specific requirements of the jobsite.

ID Flange Facers

Flange Facers: Key Features and Advantages

Key Features:

  • Precision Machining: Flange facers deliver essential machining services for flange surfaces, a critical aspect during repair and maintenance.
  • Seal Enhancement: By resurfacing flanges, they create fresh mating surfaces, ensuring an impeccable seal upon assembly.
  • Industry Versatility: These tools find applications across a spectrum of sectors, including oil and gas, petrochemicals, refineries, pharmaceuticals, pipelines, food processing, chemicals, and power generation.

Principal Advantages:

  • Enhanced Joint Longevity: Routine use of flange facers is vital for preventing leaks and corrosion, thus extending the lifespan of flange joints.
  • Effective Leakage Prevention: The spiral grooved finish provided by flange facers reduces the risk of leakages, as it directs fluids along a spiral trajectory.
  • Essential for Maintenance: Flange facers play a pivotal role during plant shutdowns and maintenance, ranking among the most crucial repair tools.